Sail with the Hales

Our adventures of becoming liveaboards on s/v Sorella


Welcome aboard! We’re Sara and Stephen Hale, and we’re getting ready to move onto a sailing catamaran from our home in St. Louis, Missouri with our four three two cats (😿😿) in September 2022. We’ll document the journey for our friends, family, and friends we haven’t met yet–we hope to see you soon.


It’s been a long road, with endless hours of research, and we’re super excited to leave the road and get on the open sea.

Come join us and Sail with the Hales!


The Boat

Creating the list of potential boat names was fun and all consuming–every word that crossed our path was considered and run through the triple-call-VHF test (e.g. Twinkle). A good piece of advice we got was not to have the name be a joke, as we are asking this boat to keep us safe in all conditions, so it should have some dignity.

We’ve  chosen the name Sorella, which means sister in Italian, and means something to each of us for various reasons.
We can tell all our sisters we named the boat after them. The dinghy (aka our new car) will be called Little Sister. 

Our Cats

Moving with four three cats is an adventure in itself. Moving onto a sailing catamaran is an adventure in itself. Moving onto a sailing catamaran with four three cats is bonkers.


Being on the verge of becoming a crazy cat lady, this move may just keep Sara from tipping over the edge. We only need to make it a few more months. 

Beer and Food

We’ve made our livings on beer and food for the past 30 years. Oddly enough, we still like beer and we still eat food! Schlafly Beer and Fair Shares will continue on without us in St. Louis, but they’ll always be in our hearts and on our minds. 

We’ll be brewing our own beer and cooking up a storm on the boat (maybe we should rephrase that), and will document all the fun and games as we learn to manage homebrewing, provisioning in foreign cultures, cooking for passage, and all things sustenance on a boat.

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